Maximum advertising area: 82 by 124.5 picas (13.625 x 20.750”)

Column Width: 12p10 (2.139”)

PDF submissions: accepted and encouraged. Please call 631-324-0002 or e-mail; for specifications.

Four Color: $250 — Call for details and deadline requirements.

Reverses: All reverses will be screened to 65% (with the exception of logos).

Premium Positions: Sold for 1/4 page ads and up. Premium positioning refers to a specific page, not position on the page, and is subject to availability. Surcharge: 15-20%.

Production Charges: Composition, design and custom artwork, up to 1 hour, no charge. $50 per hour or fraction of hour thereafter.

Political Advertising: At display rates, and in accordance with state and federal statutes. Must be paid in advance.

Legal Rates: Set by New York State Law.