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Seasons by the Sea: Barbecue Secrets? They’re Not Telling

The Calvary Baptist Church on Spinner Lane in East Hampton held its annual barbecue on Sunday and it was a gloriously beautiful day.

Aug 15, 2019
Recipe: 08.15.19

First, let’s talk about ribs. There are several different kinds available in most markets. Spareribs come from the underbelly, or lower rib cage, of the pig. A full slab contains 13 ribs and weighs about three pounds. Baby back ribs (not from piglets!) come from the upper front end of the rib cage and are smaller than spareribs. Country-style ribs come from the upper rear end of the rib cage. Regular spareribs are fattier, which keeps the meat tender and moist during long cooking. Baby backs and Country-style can be prone to drying out if you’re not careful.

Aug 15, 2019
News for Foodies: 08.15.19

New ice cream store in East Hampton, gluten-free pizza at Bel Mare, Share the Harvest benefit, and more

Aug 15, 2019
East End Eats: Bostwick’s Makes a Triumphant Return to the Harbor

There were a number of new restaurant openings this spring and summer that were worthy of interest and celebration, but to many, the most exciting, happy-news opening, or more like return-to-from-whence-they-came, was Bostwick’s on the Harbor.

Aug 8, 2019
News for Foodies: 08.08.19

Alex Guarnaschelli, a Food Network star and the chef at Butter, will speak to Florence Fabricant on Sunday, and more

Aug 8, 2019
East End Eats: Morty's Is a Standout

It’s unusual to have so many happy, enthusiastic diners who truly love everything placed in front of them, but such was the case at Morty’s Oyster Stand. I believe Mr. Cyril Fitzsimons would approve.

Aug 1, 2019
News for Foodies: 08.01.19

Plain-T cart, Amber Waves Farm dinners, and a chef's talk at Guild Hall

Aug 1, 2019
East End Eats: K Pasa: A Promising Newcomer

K Pasa is not a Mexican restaurant serving hefty portions of rice and beans. It offers tacos of all kinds, sandwiches, salad, and vegan offerings.

Jul 25, 2019
News for Foodies

New restaurants, new menus, a Wolffer dinner, happy hours, and more

Jul 25, 2019
East End Eats: No Bang for the Bucks

Do we really need another expensive Upper East Side Italian restaurant in our midst? More importantly, do we need a restaurant that (inexplicably) charges far more here for the same food that it serves at its Madison Avenue location? More even than the 1770 House, Nick and Toni’s, or Bell and Anchor?

Jul 18, 2019